Oracle e-Business Suite/Fusion Applications and SAP both hot pluggable … ?

Bert Admiraal

For a long time Oracle e-Business Suite was 100% Oracle.  Running Oracle e-Business Suite meant Oracle for the application, the middle tier and the database.     In future releases this might be a little bit different. The hot-pluggable options of the Fusion-strategy enable customers to be more flexible in defining the configuration they desire.   […]

Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC)

Last year I’ve been working on the Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC) module (version 11.5.10), the successor of Oracle Sales Compensation. For those who haven’t heard of the module before, OIC is an Oracle e-Business Suite module by which you can calculate and pay commissions for salespersons based on incoming transactions. […]

"Form Personalization" in Oracle e-Business Suite Release 12 still doesn't offer a workaround for suboptimal LOV-Queries

Bert Admiraal 10

In Oracle E-Business Suite release some list of values (LOV) are not implemented considering the full functionality of the e-Business Suite. The " Project LOV’s" in Payables Invoices (f.e.) always shows all project tasks and expenditure types. Tasks and/or expenditure types, excluded for charges, are shown also. "Charge Allowed […]

Oracle and Siebel – merger – is official

Lucas Jellema

Yesterday, Oracle’s President Charles Philips announced that Oracle’s acquisition of Siebel is completed and Oracle and Siebel are now operating as one. One of the comments in the official announcement reads: “We also plan to evolve customers, at their own pace, to the next generation of our standards-based applications, Oracle […]