Oracle BPEL Process Manager 10.1.2 Beta 3 available for download americas cup win 2682133k1

Oracle BPEL Process Manager 10.1.2 Beta 3 available for download

I just received word from Sandor Nieuwenhuijs that the next Beta (B3) release of Oracle BPEL Process Manager has just been made available for download on OTN. Go for software and documentation to the BPEL Home Page on OTN.
As you probably know, we have been working with the previous beta releases one and two that were not generally available. On this weblog, you can find several articles on our experiences. Now, anyone can go to OTN and download this new Beta and see for himself/herself.

The Homepage also presents a link

Developers Guide Draft The Developers Guide serves as a reference to functionality provided by Oracle BPEL Process Manager. This guide is being updated frequently so please check back to get revised and more updated versions. With the exception of new 10.1.2 functionality, the dev guide applies to both the current 2.1.2 release as well as 10.1.2.

This is the long awaited developer’s guide (work in progress) and I am glad to see its announcement. Unfortunately, when I tried early this morningm the link was broken… I hope it will be available soon.

Some citations from the FAQ on this Beta release:

The JMS, AQ, Database, File/FTP and Oracle Applications adapters are already installed and available for use with the Beta release. Adapters to Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) such as Oracle Applications, SAP, Siebel etc. are not certified at this time.

What are the Platforms supported for Beta? The following platforms are supported for this Beta Release 1. Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 2. Linux 3. Solaris Note: Linux and Solaris platform version will be available for download approximately 1 week after the windows release.

What products do I need to install to have a working Oracle BPEL Process Manager Beta environment? There are 2 installation options to have your working Oracle BPEL Process Manager– 􀂃 BPEL Process Manager for Developers – This option installs & configures the Oracle Lite DB, OracleAS OC4J and the Oracle BPEL server. This option also deploys the BPEL server & add-on services to the installed OC4J. 􀂃 BPEL Process Manager for OracleAS Middle Tier – This option installs & configures only the BPEL server and services into an existing J2EE (10.1.2 only) middle tier Oracle Home.

Q13. Is this 10.1.2 Beta version compatible with Oracle BPEL Process Manager 10g (2.0.x, 2.x)? The 10.1.2 version has added functionality like 􀂃 BPEL Designer integrated in JDeveloper 􀂃 Drag-n-Click GUI for the XSLT Transformation Mapper 􀂃 Comprehensive wizards based adapter framework 􀂃 Integrated Human Workflow Management. All BPEL processes implemented


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