Oracle 11g for Developers – presenting at Oracle Benelux User Group Conference 2007

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Yesterday was nice. Alex and I had two presentation ‘gigs’, the second of which was in the Amsterdam Arena, the AJAX Amsterdam stadium:

It was sold out! Well, our smaller room off to the side… (170 people). We were doing the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Quiz – which went very well! A great warm up for next month when I am doing the quiz at Oracle Open World.  The quiz shows several fairly unknown ((ab)uses) of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL features – the contestants, which is all of the audience, tries to determine which features these are.

Our first presentation of the day at OBUG was on Oracle 11g, new features for SQL and PL/SQL Developers. We had a full room and an attentive audience.

The first venue for the OBUG 2007 Conference in HoutenAnd although many people felt that 11g was for a DBA’s release with very little interesting news for developers, we managed to get most of the audience real interested in several 11g ‘gems’ . We demonstrated features such as Virtual Columns, Compound Trigger, SQL and Function Result Cache, Partial Table Flashback, PIVOT and many more. If you are interested in our presentation, you can find it at: (it is all in English).

We will do the extended version of our presentation and demonstrations, including a hands on workshop with 11g, during a (free) knowledge center event at our Nieuwegein based office on 1st November (starting at 16.30); see: for details and registration.

Most of what we spoke about is also described in detail in an article for the magazine of the Dutch Oracle User Group: OGh Visie. You can find this article (this one is in Dutch) at: . Note: a collection of our weblog articles on 11g features can be found at

Some more pictures from yesterday’s quiz:





 Our host for tonight.... Alex!!!!



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