Oracle 10g R2 does not support Oracle Warehouse Builder.

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Oracle’s latest database release 10g R2 does not support OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder). All OWB’s up to and including the current version are not certified by Oracle 10g R2 and therefore do not work on the 10g R2 database.

The problem is that when you install the OWB Repository and Runtime, the installation process uses the following sql to identify the DBA privileges:
    SELECT value
    FROM v_$system_parameter
    WHERE name =’enqueue_resources‘.
Unfortunately enqueue_resources init parameter is obsolete in Oracle
Database 10g R2 and therefore the OWB cannot make a connection with the database.

You will need to wait for the release OWB patch or use an earlier version of the Database e.g. 10g R1

4 thoughts on “Oracle 10g R2 does not support Oracle Warehouse Builder.

  1. Update to my earlier comment, the Paris OWB and Oracle 10gR2 does make a connection but crashes at
    82% of the installation of the repository with an error about versions that are not correct.
    It first crashed at 52% but that I was able to fix. The problem was that the user OWBRT_SYS (that it creates)
    does not have create view privs and one of the scripts does try create a view under this user.

  2. My hack does permit installation of OWB design repository into 10GR2 (albeit insupported), but runtime repository gave ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: java.sql.SQLException: Incompatible server version
    after setting compatible=

  3. A hack to cheat the installation is to temporarily replace the v_$system_parameter view with a custom view that includes enqueue_resources. Someone mentioned this idea in the OTN Database forum (not the OWB forum). This should make the installation work although there might be other incompatibilities between the current version of OWB and Database 10g R2.

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