OOW 2009: Experiences with Oracle WebCenter 11g: Implementing SOA with a User Interface html

OOW 2009: Experiences with Oracle WebCenter 11g: Implementing SOA with a User Interface


One of the sessions I am (co-)presenting at Oracle Open World 2009 is on ‘applying the concepts of SOA to and achieving the SOA objectives with User Interfaces’. What goes for SOA and typical programmatic (web)services can be applied to User Interface components to a large extent. Decoupling – cross location, cross technology, cross development team and deployment unit – and reusing based on clear interface definitions and encapsulation of implementation is also available for user interface development.

Our presentation – I am copresenting with my colleague Peter Ebell – introduced the SOA concepts and objectives and demonstrates the application of SOA to the UI, using first Portlets and then ADF Task Flows. Subsequently we introduce WebCenter – as the portlet-infrastructure for ADF and also as the real life example of the notion of reusable, independently developed user interface components. We will discuss the nature of the contract you define for such reusable UI services (parameters, events – inbound and outbound) and demonstrate the steps you have to go through to make it work. Finally we will go into ‘how to add a user interface to a SOA implementation’- or: when does a SOA artefact need a user interface.

You can find the presentation below, embedded from slideshare. You can also download the demo applications we use for this session.



Download zip file with JDeveloper 11g demo applications for PortletConsumer, Todo TaskFlow and Task Flow Consumer.

WebAppConsumingTaskFlows.zip Рthe web application consuming the TODO taskflow from the ADF Library.

PortletConsumption.zip – the ADF application that consumes the portlet published by the task flow (application) shown below.

TodoTaskFlowOnly.zip Рcontains the TODO taskflow that is published both as Portlet and as ADF Library based reusable task flow


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