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One day seminar – Introducing Oracle 11g to database developers in Melbourne (12 November) and Singapore (19 November)

Oracle Database 11gR2 has been released for Linux and will soon be made available on other platforms. This is typically the time that many organizations to start adopting the 11g version of the database – and for database developers to start learning about what they can get from this release.

In a one-day long seminar, I will introduce, demonstrate and discuss the most useful new features in 11gR1 and R2 – in the areas of SQL, PL/SQL and other facilities for Database Developers. Among the topics: Flashback Data Archive (at last, Flashback is a feature we can use for application development!), new and improved SQL syntax, new Aggregation features, extension in Analytical SQL, XML, SOA and WebServices, Virtual Columns and Result Caches for improved performance, new uses for User Defined Types, improved hierarchical querying (the end of the Connect By clause) and the spectacular new Edition Based Redefinition mechanism in 11gR2 (all by itself well worth attending this seminar for!)

The seminar has a large number of demonstrations (for which all scripts will be made available).


  • Get up to speed with understanding and using the most important Oracle Database 11g features for application development
  • Get some understanding of what improvements can be achieved for existing applications when upgrading to 11g
  • Understand the benefits of adopting the 11gR1 or 11gR2 RDBMS in the area of database development
  • Learn the intricacies of a brand new11gR2 facility that helps to manage the life cycle of database objects and allows parallel access to multiple versions of packages and views
  • Become confident with some of the most useful functionality made available in 11g
  • Have fun with some of the really nifty new 11g options


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