ODTUG 2007 – Two Best Paper Nominations for the AMIS crew

The ODTUG 2007 Kaleidoscope conference is just around the corner, starting in two days time. AMIS will attend with a team 6, doing a grand total of 9 presentations – out of 125 for the whole conference. I can safely state that we are a major contributor. This week we received word of the Nominations for Best Paper. Note: ODTUG is one of the few conferences where a "call for papers" really means a call for not just presentation proposals but papers as well. Every presenter has to submit a paper of 6-10 pages. The result is that the ODTUG conferences of the years have built an impressive collection of articles that provide a wealth of information to Oracle professionals, whether they are able to attend the presentations or not. 

Every year the best papers are selected and nominated for the Best Paper award, a much coveted prize. This week, the ten nominated papers (The quality of these papers is exceptional, in the words of Donna Richey Winkelman, Editor in Chief of the ODTUG Technical Journal) were announced. The list includes two articles submitted by AMIS-presenters: 

We hope to meet all of you at ODTUG. Come and check out all our presentations ....
when you are at ODTUG 2007 in Daytona Beach next week:

  • Implementing and Managing an Oracle SOA Infrastructure – Sjoerd Michels
  • Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Quiz: Smokin’ Water… – Alex Nuijten & Lucas Jellema
  • Just Press Next: Developing an Intelligent User Interface Through BPEL Workflow Tasks Using Oracle ADF – Peter Ebell
  • Could You Pass That Data Please? On ADF Applications Leveraging BPEL and ESB Powered Data Services – Peter Ebell
  • Windows Forms: The Natural Successor to Oracle Forms? – Matthieu De Graaf
  • Build, Test, and Deploy ADF Applications Without Effort with the Use of Maven2 – Aino Andriessen
  • Getting the Most Ajax out of ADF Faces: Developing Really Rich Web Applications – Lucas Jellema
  • Implementing an Event Driven Architecture with the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus – Lucas Jellema
  • The Emergence of UI-SOA: User Interface Design Through Portlet Orchestration with Oracle WebCenter – Lucas Jellema

You can download these and all other AMIS contributions to the ODTUG conference – at http://www.amis.nl/tech_artikelen.php

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