ODTUG 2006 Conference Handouts/Presentations available americas cup win 2682133k1

ODTUG 2006 Conference Handouts/Presentations available

Last night, the ODTUG 2006 Conference Committee announced that all handouts and presentations from this year’s (well, in fact that is last week’s) conference are available for download from the ODTUG website at http://www.odtug.com. Until August 1st, all material can be downloaded by the general public. After that date, you have to be a member of ODTUG to access the conference handouts.

For downloading, go to the ODTUG website and use the search box in the upper left hand corner. You can search on "conference", which also returns handouts from previous conferences, or on author or title if you know what they are. At ODTUG 2006 Kaleidoscope you can find an overview of all presenters and presentations; you can use that information to search in order to download the material.