New release ( of JHeadstart has been published – many, many new features

Lucas Jellema

A point release for JHeadstart has been made available by the Oracle JHeadstart team. For a point release, it has a surprisingly long list of new features. Among the most interesting ones:

  • Generation of Graphs.
  • Multi-Select List of Values.
  • Conditional Requery.
  • Advanced Search on Detail Tables.
  • Add Row Button and Duplicate Row Button.
  • Summary Types (count, avg, sum) in Table
  • Row-Specific Dropdown Lists in Table.
  • Support for multiple "depends on" items for items and regions.

One feature in particular is nice to mention, as it was contributed by AMIS: "Hot-reloading of resource bundles. It is possible to reload changed resource bundles without shutting down your J2EE Application Server (feature provided by Lucas Jellema, AMIS)."  

This release supports JDeveloper in addition to 10.1.3 and

Those of you who have the JHeadstart Supplement Option can download this release from The free evaluation edition on OTN will soon be updated with the JHeadstart functionality. See also the JHeadstart Team’s Blog.

Upgrading to this JHeadstart release is very simple. The steps are:....

Download the zip file from CSO, to any location on the local file system, such as the Desktop.

Start JDeveloper

Go to the Help Menu, select Check for Updates.


In the Check for Updates wizard, select Install from Local File. Browse to the zip file you downloaded from CSO.



Press Next. The Summary Screen appears. 


Press Finish. You are prompted to restart JDeveloper.


 During restarting, the new JHeadstart release is installed.



This message is displayed when the installation/upgrade is complete. 

 JDeveloper launches the JHeadstart Documentation Index:


 And we can check out the release notes for example.



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