Meeting people at J-Spring

On Thursday, June 15, the Netherlands Java Users Group (NL-JUG) organised the first of two yearly meetings, this one called J-Spring. I had the privilage to do a presentation on the API, about which another blog will follow. At J-Spring I met Netbeans’ Geertjan Wielenga. Geertjan had previously written about a plugin for Netbeans that allows you to run or StarOffice from within Netbeans. Geertjan also announced that he would do a presenation on some cool features of Netbeans on J-Spring. I commented on his blog saying that I would do the OOo presentation on J-Spring and that we should meet.

So we did. We had a nice chat about Netbeans and OOo and we decided to hookup a bit and try to write some cool code for Netbeans. Geertjan also announced this on his blog, see

4 thoughts on “Meeting people at J-Spring

  1. Sorry, I have been wondering who writes these posts for a while now and seemingly I had never paid enough attention to the blog headings before. My bad.

  2. Lucas,

    This is regarding AJAX in ADF afces. That article was just great. I was wondering if you can help me with one bug.

    Can you please email me at


  3. On the top of this page, it reads: Meeting people at J-Spring by Wouter van Reeven. I think he – the author – is called Wouter van Reeven.

    Who are you? Is Alper your full name?



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