JHeadstart 10.1.3 Evaluation Copy available! – Everybody can now try out JHeadstart for ADF Faces

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I have just found the JHeadstart 10..1.3 Evaluation Copy on OTN. See JHeadstart’s homepage: http://www.oracle.com/technology/consulting/9iServices/JHeadstart.html. This trial software is fully functional and will function for an unlimited period of time! It has but a simple restriction: you can only use it for applications with no more than ten ViewObjects. While this will be a real limitation for most production applications you might decide to develop, for trying out and proving the value of JHeadstart it will be more than enough. This evaluation version is certified against JDeveloper as well as which is expected to be released soon. Additional material about this release, including viewlets, a FAQ, the Developers Guide, can be found at the JHeadstart Product Center.

I can only heartily recommend everyone with an interest in productive development of J2EE Web Applications with the latest, industry standard J2EE technology – Java Server Faces – to take a very serious look at JHeadstart. For more information, check out the JHeadstart Team Blog at: http://blogs.oracle.com/jheadstart/2006/10/10#a84 .

Kudo’s to the JHeadstart team!

One thought on “JHeadstart 10.1.3 Evaluation Copy available! – Everybody can now try out JHeadstart for ADF Faces

  1. A big step forward. Although I could test it on JDeveloper and I have a lot of questions not answered in the documents. I did not see a checkup update for JHeadstart.
    If this is true it is the way to make models

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