JHeadstart 10.1.2 for ADF can be downloaded from OTN americas cup win 2682133k1

JHeadstart 10.1.2 for ADF can be downloaded from OTN

Since late Tuesday, the new JHeadstart 10.1.2 release for ADF features on the Homepage of OTN! The full software package can de downloaded from the JHeadstart Home on OTN for evaluation and trial purposes. Anyoe interested in developing Java/J2EE Web applications based on industry standards , should be interested, particularly if you fancy productive, structured high-quality development.

ADF JHeadstart 10.1.2 will allow you to declaratively design your applications – in much the same way as you may have seen in Oracle Designer. It will generate the application from the design. In doing so, it creates the ADF bindings between ADF Business Components, generates the pages – JSP or UIX, generates the struts-config.xml file to feed the Struts Controller and links in smaller things such as ResourceBundles. In addition, JHeadstart support generation of Java/J2EE applications – Struts, BC4J aka ADF Business Components and JSP or UIX – from Oracle Designer. That means indirectly – if you take the Design Capture facilities for Oracle Forms into account – that you can migrate existing Oracle Forms Applications to the Java/J2EE stack.

JHeadstart provides a lot of ‘how-to’s” and best practices for ADF – the still relatively new Application Development Framework, introduced by Oracle in Fall 2003. With JHeadstart, ADF is fueled to provide master-detail-detail-…., multi-record insert/update/delete, out of the Box List of Values, Shuttles and many more.

We at AMIS have been playing with the ADF JHeadstart release since autumn 2004, after having worked with the previous releases since 2002. We are currently engaged in a real life project (ADF BC, Struts and UIX) that was started on the Beta release. Later this year – April/May timeframe – we intend to conduct a series of workshops on ADF, ADF JHeadstart and related topics (Struts, ADF Business Components, UIX, ADF Binding Framework and ADF JHeadstart. If you are interested in attending one or more of these workshops, please let us know. We will also continue to release recipes for JHeadstart in our AMIS JHeadstart Cookbook, as well as publish on it; the April issues of both Optimize and OGH Visie (two Dutch magazines) will feature articles on ADF JHeadstart, written by AMIS staff.