JavaPolis 2006: two days down, one to go…

At the time of writing, I am at my second day of JavaPolis 2006. I attended several sessions, met many great people and did a Lab (workshop) on the Java API. Read on for more info.


This years JavaPolis is something special to me. I submitted an abstract for a presentation about the Java API, but this slot already was taken by’s Juergen Schmidt. So, instead my colleague Ruben Boer and me prepared a Lab about the OOo Java API. Labs are a new thing this year, and I must say I feel mine was successful.

About 20 people attended the lab, about half of whom already had some experioence with the API. Some 20 other people stepped by briefly, at least inquiring about what was going. Some even asked some in-depth OOo API questions 🙂

Besides that, I attended a couple of great sessions about various topics. In between I met some nice people, ranging from "mere" Java developers to well-known gurus. For example, we had diner with Interface 21s Alef Arendsen and Adobe Flex’s James Ward. Besides that, I got a lengthy introduction to Atlassians new product called Bamboo and the features in the new Jira, which will be released on Monday, December 18 2006 🙂 This introduction was given to Ruben and me by noone less than Mike Cannon-Brooks. I mentioned my OOo API Lab to Mike and we then had a nice discussion about how to use OOo for document management in enterprise applications. I hope Mike will find my blogs about OOo usefull.

So, one more day to go. A few sessions and JavaPolis 2006 is over. I’ll be back next year, that’s a promise!

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