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Today I tried to put all my biases (I’m a j2ee developer) aside, and had a look at HTML-DB.

“Oracle HTML DB is a declarative web-based application development environment for the Oracle Database;. It helps anyone—even those with little to no programming skills—build data entry and reporting applications for the web. “

This quote is from a short introduction what HTML DB is and how it is positioned by Oracle posted on OTN Click here

This is a viewlet demostrating some development work in HTML DB.
Allthough I’m still haven’t made up my mind up completely of what I think of it , it was more impressing than I thought.
This link leads you to the HTML DB start page on OTN. Here you also request a workspace to try HTML DB without having to install it yourself. I tried it and it works like a charm. I created an application based on some Excel data within 3 minutes, complete with data entry and reporting facilities. It even included an SVG diagram!

Oracle has also created the HTML DB studio. Here users can add Utilities templates and applications they built and want to share with their collegues.

It is not J2EE, but in certain scenario’s it could be quite usefull. It really deserves further looking into

Any takers on some more in depth research?

4 thoughts on “HTML-DB at a glance

  1. I do not actually know someone using BC4J with MS-access. But i would think it should be possible to connect BC4J to MS Access using an JDBC-ODBC Bridge. I think best way forward for you is to check either the Oracle documentation or post your question on the JDeveloper forum on OTN

  2. Just want to ask you about J2EE solution for MS Access ..
    Do you know somebody , who used BC4J for this purpose ?
    (utilizing some JDBC Access driver , probably)

    Please, respond to

    Thank you,


  3. I’ve used HTML-DB a little bit, and here’s what I thought. It’s Oracle MS-Access-Killer, and it delivers on that promise. It’s perfect for forms-based web applications, some kinds of reporting, etc. Like all RAD environments, it makes easy things easier and hard things harder. Check out Sergio’s blog if you want to know more about HTMLDB –

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