Howto show and save image as blob type with seam

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In a project where i am working on, we needed to show an image and the image should be change when a user would like to do that. For that we need to hava an attribute in a table called photo and it has to be a blob. See below:

We have now a photo attribute as a blob, the next thing we need to do, is to make an entity with a photo attribute. The entity is called Person and has a byte[] variable called photo. See below for an example:

public class Person{
private byte[] photo = null;

public byte[] getPhoto(){
return photo;

public void setPhoto(byte[] photo){ = photo;

For the front-end we need to make a page with the next part(just make a simple xhtml page):
<h:panelGrid columns=”2″>
<s:graphicImage id=”currentImage” value=”#{}”
rendered=”#{ != null}” styleClass=”vpaPhoto” />
<s:graphicImage id=”defaultImage” value=”/img/default.png”
rendered=”#{ == null}” styleClass=”vpaPhoto” />
<s:fileUpload id=”imageUploader” data=”#{}” onchange=”submit()” styleClass=”imageUploader”  />

The appearance should look like this(you can choose any picture you would like for the default.png file):

Ok and now we click on browse an select an image(i’ve downloaded one from google, m_mylle.jpg)

So i’ve selected the m_mylle.jpg file and then i click open. The result is shown below:

Good luck, all suggestions and improvements are welcome.

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