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Hints between Chocolates and Beer

The title is based on Doug’s blog post UKOUG
Agenda Online.
I can’t help myself, I just like the title, but it probably does not relate to this post…or does it…?

Today the all Dutch Oracle Open World preview session will take place on the AMIS premises. I am, as usual, nervous. I will probably never get over this. This will be the first time I will be present a new topic / a new presentation called “Real-World Experience with Oracle XML Database 11g: An Oracle ACE’s
” and as a presenter you never now if the audience can relate to it. Questions like: “Are the presented topics useful for your audience?”, “Is my ‘storyline’ recognizable?”, “Is it to much information or to less, are the topics too difficult or are they seen as to simple…?”, etc.

Other stuff is also going through my mind. My presentation for today (and OOW on Thuesday) is dealing with simple/useful pointers, tips and tricks, I have picked up during 3 years of OTN Forum participation and things I notice are frequently asked on my personal website. While doing your utmost, like all presenters today, I personally also am wondering if I should have used one my working titles “A Hitchhikers Guide through the Oracle XML Database” or “Lessons learned from the Oracle OTN XMLDB Forum” instead off the current title for my OOW presentation on Thuesday. The importance of a good title that reflects the content is also important and has its effects. My session on Sunday is full (Sorry…) but my session on Thuesday has couldn’t probably be found, still a lot of seats are available.

My colleague Gerwin Hendriksen’s session on Sunday (“Jumping the Gapp“) has the same problem. I know he has a really good performance tuning presentation that will bring a lot of new ideas in how to approach performance problems. The presentation has proven itsself this year on Hotsos and that is not an easy audience to please. Also what doesn’t make it easy as well is the enormous choice you have during Oracle Open World and the problem that “the presentation” is hard to find with the current Schedule

Anyway.  I hope for a critical crowd today, that enjoy our presentations and will give us presenters the opportunity to make our presentations even better / more refined. Hopefully we, us presenters, get some hint between “beer” and “chocolates”. I like both but there are differences…


If you can still make it / are interested join us in this all Oracle Open World 2008 Dutch preview event today:

On behalf off today’s presenters:

We hope to see you there and / or during Oracle Open