For Lovers only,… of the PL/SQL kind I mean

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I just came across this website "I love PL/SQL, and…", one of Steven Feuerstein’s website.

If you ever attended a seminar given by Steven, you already know that he always mentions to contact Brynn Llewellyn if you have ideas on how to improve the PL/SQL language.


Bryn Llewellyn is the PL/SQL Product Manager at Oracle Headquarters. I don’t mean this Bryn Llewellyn,
the author of "The Rat and the Serpent", but this one.
Now Steven created a website to assist in the process of contacting Bryn. Maybe there are some suggestions made by other developers that you find appealing, I like the suggestion by Chris Rimmer for a
FINALLY clause.

So if you have any ideas on how improve PL/SQL and make your life as a developer a little bit easier, check out this site and send an email to Bryn Llewellyn.

By the way, the site really looks nice Dimitri!

5 thoughts on “For Lovers only,… of the PL/SQL kind I mean

  1. Thanks for the update, John. I changed the link in this post. Of course I should have credited the way the site to you as well, not just Dimitri…. 😉

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