FNDLOAD Oracle Alert

Bas Klaassen

A month ago, I posted an article on this blog how to transfer an Oracle Alert using FNDLOAD. At the time, there was no documentation online about this, so I had to make the config file myself.

This morning I was searching Metalink and ran into the following note 376891.1 (dated 14-JUL-2006)

According to this note Oracle has its own config file to transfer Alerts using FNDLOAD. This note was not present at the time I needed it, but seems to be now. Still, there are a few things I don’t understand :

Why is the alert config file (alert.lct) not present in the $FND_TOP/patch/115/import , where all the other config files are placed ?

Why is Oracle Alert not mentioned in any FNDLOAD documentation on Metalink ? For example, note 274667.1 shows us all the data types that can be downloaded using FNDLOAD..but an Alert is never mentioned.

It seems I have done a lot work for nothing, but at least I learned how FNDLOAD works in detail.

I suggest that everybody who wants to transfer Alerts using FNDLOAD, uses the Oracle config file ($ALR_TOP/patch/115/import).

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