Awards – Java on top

Lucas Jellema

Just noticed on The Server Side an announcement regarding the " Product of the Year 2006 Winners". As you can see for yourself, JSF (Java Server Faces), Ant, Eclipse and Eclipse are the tools and technologies to look out for. As is J(2)EE 5 (JSR 244). Best open source products: OpenOffice and FireFox. Best database is MySQL 5.0… The awards are decided upon by the readers of By the way: Microsoft won an award too. For best .NET product.

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Java Developer Journal (SYS-CON) Announces Readers' Choice Awards for SOA, Web Services, Java, and XML Technologies - We love Eclipse!

It seems to be awards day or so. On Syscon (Australia) I found the announcement of the JDJ Reader’s Awards. It is interesting, because of the fairly literate and neutral audience that helps assigning these awards – though having a multinational with 1000s of employees to help cast the vote […]
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