DDL Wizard - freeware to extract DDL from Export-files (dump-files) 20188367001

DDL Wizard – freeware to extract DDL from Export-files (dump-files)

Thanks to Mark Rittman’s blog:

The Oracle Export File DDL Extract Wizard

What Does the DDL Extract Wizard Do?
The DDL Extract Wizard will reverse engineer Oracle Export files and will extract, display and manipulate the DDL CREATE statements contained within. It is read-only on the export files and requires very few resources on a Windows based PC. The extracted DDL can be saved to disk as a series of generated SQL scripts which will rebuild the DDL of the database (or specified schemas). The DDL2HTML function can document the DDL in an Oracle database by saving the DDL Code as a series of interlinked HTML web pages viewable by any web browser software.

Why Do You Want to extract the DDL from Export files?
Generating scripts which will rebuild the DDL structure of a database is a common Oracle database maintenance problem. The DDL Extract Wizard is far quicker and easier than a dbms_metadata script and works on export files created by any version of the Oracle database. Simply create an export file, use the DDL Extract Wizard to read it, and the generated DDL scripts are immediately available without the need to write complex code.

See: http://www.ddlwizard.com/