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In the Oracle Magazine of januari/februari 2005 Steven Feuerstein wrote an excellent article about Refactoring for PL/SQL Developers. In this article he uses technologies known in the Java community: Refactoring of code, and reapplies these in PL/SQL. Both languages are programming languages so it is perfectly OK to interchange the goodies and best-practises of both languages to write better code (in any language).

Enter the blog for my comment and the comment I got back from Steven.

My comment:
Excellent article.
I think there remains one piece of hard-coding that could be refactored: the
declaration of the variables checkline and againstline (VARCHAR2(32767).
Because the length is dependend on the maximum linesize in utl_file, it
should be refactored according your list of opportunities for improvement.
To make it completely independend you could declare a subtype (i.e.
max_linesize_type varchar(32767) in package utl_file_constants and call this
subtype in function eqfiles (declare checkline
utl_file_constants.max_linesize_type; …).

Comment from Steven Feuerstein:
You are absolutely right, Harm. This is a perfect scenario for such a subtype. I will update my package as follows:

CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE utl_file_constants
   c_read_only      CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (1) := 'R';
   c_write_only     CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (1) := 'W';
   c_append         CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (1) := 'A';
   c_min_linesize   CONSTANT PLS_INTEGER  := 1;
   c_def_linesize   CONSTANT PLS_INTEGER  := 1024;
   c_max_linesize   CONSTANT PLS_INTEGER  := 32767;

   SUBTYPE max_linesize_t IS VARCHAR2 (32767);
   SUBTYPE def_linesize_t IS VARCHAR2 (1024);

END utl_file_constants;

Warm regards,
Steven Feuerstein

One thought on “Comment from Steven Feuerstein

  1. Hi Harm!!!
    regards for the reply from steven. like to find the advantages by the changes made by you. i have no idea on subtypes.

    Thanks in advance

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