CodeZoo (O'Reilly) – Java Component Directory

Lucas Jellema

O’Reilly recently opened its CodeZoo, a Directory of (currently only) Java Components – frameworks, tools, utilities, libraries – that will aid development and can all be dowloaded for free.

CodeZoo exists to help you find high-quality, freely available, reusable components, getting you past the repetitive parts of coding, and onto the rest and the best of your projects. It’s a fast-forward button for your compiler.

It lists a substantial number of components in many categories such as Database, Object Relational Mapping, Web Services, XML, Template Engines, HTML (components in Java) etc.

CodeZoo is a single site where you can easily download many diferent components. Ratings are provided per component – although in this early stage of CodeZoo’s existence not many ratings have been entered. Links to the homepage of each component is alo provided. It is convenient, although no information is listed that Google would not guide you to as well. However, to browse through a simple list of components in a certain category, it can certainly be useful.

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