Changing background in Oracle EBS 11i

Bas Klaassen 1

It would be nice to have your own company logo as background in the Oracle E-business suite. Default the background is white, but the following steps will put your company logo (or any other logo…) in the background. 1. modify the appsweb.cfg in the $OA_HTML/bin directory. Find the ‘background’ parameter and let it point to your own logo…

darkLook=true readOnlyBackground=automatic

2. Place your logo in the $OA_JAVA/oracle/apps/media directory 3. restart the webserver And your logo should be in the background…

One thought on “Changing background in Oracle EBS 11i

  1. Hi Bas Klaassen,

    I want to change my 11i EBS Background color or I want to place my company logo in the background of 11i EBS.

    I have tried your steps whic is given above. But it doesn’t works for me.

    Kindly give me an idea to fix it.


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