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Better Builds With Maven – Free book about Maven 2

When I was browsing through some articles on JRoller I found this interesting free book. As far as I know this is the first book about Maven 2. There is a book on Amazon that is released earlier this month but it says nothing about Maven 1 or 2 (and that’s a huge difference!)

Quote from
Mergere, Inc. is excited to announce the release of Better Builds with Maven, the ultimate resource to help you unleash the power of the Apache Software Foundation’s Maven project. Better Builds with Maven
is written by Vincent Massol, Jason van Zyl and other key contributors
of the Maven community and combines detailed explanations and code
examples to walk you through improving your software development
process with Maven 2.0.

Better Builds with Maven covers:

  • An introduction to Maven 2.0
  • Advanced tools for “power” users
  • Creating J2EE builds and using J2EE models
  • Extending builds through plugins
  • Monitoring source code, testing, dependencies and releases
  • Leveraging repositories, continuous integration and transitive dependency
  • Converting existing Ant builds

Whether you are a current Maven user or are interested in changing
software development tools, Better Builds with Maven will help you
leverage the technologies and best practices found in Apache Maven.

What they forgot to mention is that there’s also a chapter about Continuous Integration with Continuum and paragraphs about different plugins like Checkstyle, Cobertura, PMD and many more.

The book can be downloaded after filling out a form (or just ask your colleague who just filled out the formĀ  )


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