BEA available on Oracle E-Delivery

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I have no idea when they made it available but, while searching on Oracle E-delivery for a complete Oracle BPA package, I saw that a lot of BEA software can be downloaded via Oracle’s E-Delivery channel.

It look like it concerns all BEA software packages, although I don’t know their full product stack by heart.

Bea Products 


It’s time to play…(and re-learn what has been lost)


3 thoughts on “BEA available on Oracle E-Delivery

  1. No worries. I read and have seen it. At first glance, I (as a DBA) am only interested in WebLogic Server.

  2. Marco. This is only part of the software. There are at least two other products: the JVM (JRockit) and Aqualogic (with Aqualogic Service Bus (ALSB), Aqualogic BPM and a lot of user interaction products). There is also Tuxedo, a transaction monitor product that is being used a lot by financial institutions.
    Goto the bea website and click on the aqualogic productline for more information. Also take a look at this blog of Approach Alliance: .

    Have fun playing with it, Lonneke

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