Astonishing way of performance bottleneck analyzing method "GAPP" for complex enterprise technical architectures presented tomorrow at Oracle Open World

Gerwin Hendriksen

Currently waiting on the airport to go to San Francisco. Luckely had the time to write this blog. Last time I checked the number of pre-enrolled people for my presentation "Jumping The GAPP" (Session ID: S300193 at Sunday, September 21 11:45-12:45), I found still a disappointing number. I think the title of the presentation makes it difficult to recognize what kind of really nice performance method is behind the presentation.

To give a small idea, what is "GAPP" all about i can say that more and more enterprise applications have very complicated technical architectures. The problem is that it gets harder and harder to find performance bottlenecks in such architectures, without probing and tracing on all parts of the architecture. This made me come up with a new method using on the moment Oracle Data Mining to identify performance bottlenecks. When I presented this the first time at HOTSOS 2008 in Dallas, I had a very big audience of more than 300 persons. After the presentation I was complimented on the idea and the easyness to use it.

So please be fair for yourself and don’t miss this presentation tomorrow. For myself, I try to keep jumping GAPP’s…

Regards, Gerwin

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