ApEx 2.2 released

Patrick Sinke

Oracle just released ApEx version 2.2. Here is the list of changes. Most of the changes do not come as a surprise as they were already mentioned in the roadmaps as stated earlier this year.

Most interesting new features include the packaged installation, which makes deployment easier. Also Component-level export is interesting for those who want to reuse functionality in other applications. It might put some momentum in the ApEx community, when smart solutions can be exchanged more easily.

 Further, there are the usual improvements in navigation and wizards. Also help is improved and the support of the TIMESTAMP datatype is added.

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And off you go AMIS started 11gR1 Beta 1 testing

AMIS has been proven worthy to test the upcoming release of the 11gR1 database. After entering a lot of data in questionnaires and filling in project plans, AMIS got the approval to enter the test program. Last night I had my first 11gR1 (standard demo install) database installed on RedHat ES 3 and I must say;It went like a breeze.
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