AMIS WebLog crosses the 500,000 marker – half a million post-reads in just over a year

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Yesterday we – that is: this AMIS Technology Weblog – had our 500,000th post-read. Over half a million times, someone has read one of our articles!

The AMIS Technology WebLog started on July 7th 2004, almost as an experiment for improving knowledge exchange between AMIS developers, primarily in the areas of Oracle Database, Oracle Development Tools and Java/J2EE development. Before too long, it attracted attention on the internet and we had regular visit-numbers of over 2000 per day. After just over 12 months in operation, we have over 500 different articles, written by more than 20 different authors. This graph shows the number of post-reads on the WebLog between 7th July 2004 and today:

It has been great seeing the number of visitors gradually increase from just a few last Summer to over many hundreds today. It is also very interesting to analyze where those visitors come from (primarily US, India, Finland and The Netherlands) and when they visit the weblog (Tuesday’s are busiest). From my point of view, it is great to see so many of my colleagues contributing to the website. Among them some very experienced, senior developers. And also some less seasoned developers. You do not have to be a top specialist in order to write an article that is of interest to many other fellow developers on the internet. In fact, the most popular article for the last 6 months was an introduction to Jasper Reports, written by Gregory Beumer – about his own first steps with Jasper Reports. It has been read 13409 times when I last checked; that is over 65 times per day, every day since it was published.

The exact figures – as noted on Saturday 13th August 2005 – are as follows:

  1. 73983 different visitors (or at least different IP addresses); that means that our visitors on average read close to 7 articles on our weblog
  2. 523 posts, which amounts to exactly 8 per week.
  3. 1729 post reads per day, including weekends and holidays – that means 72 post reads per hour, 24 hours per day; when we only take business days into account, we average just over 2200 post reads per day

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  1. Great to see this Weblog being so successful. I still vividly remember contributing in setting up this Weblog!

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