AMIS Query: The Future of Oracle Designer (and other tools)

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Yesterday, we had another AMIS Query session titled The Future of Oracle Designer. It discussed the future of Oracle development tools, more specifically Oracle Designer and Forms as well as the iDevelopment Accelerator Suite: CDM, Headstart and CDM RuleFrame. The audience consisted of architects, senior developers and IT-managers from organizations that are avid Designer users.

Presenters during this session were:

  • Ton van Kooten – Business Unit Manager Technology Services Oracle Consulting and manager of the team that delivered CDM, Headstart, RuleFrame and JHeadstart to the world
  • Frank Brink, Oracle Software Configuration Manager Professional Community Leader at Oracle Consulting and responsible for services around Oracle SCM
  • Josef Megens, Designer, Headstart and RuleFrame Professional Community Leader at Oracle Consulting and responsible for the development of Headstart and RuleFrame
  • Lucas Jellema, Technical Consultant at AMIS and former member of the CDM/Headstart-team

Although Ton did not do a specific presentation, he provided comments, feedback, provocative statements and interesting background from within Oracle throughout the session.

Note: some of the presentations are partially in Dutch.

3 thoughts on “AMIS Query: The Future of Oracle Designer (and other tools)

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    I have 2 workareas in RON (Repository Object Navigator).
    I imported a container from workarea “A” to workarea “B”, using the import method “Import from an ORACLE database export fileâ€?.
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    I modified some container’s objects that are in the workarea “A”.
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    Could you help me, how can I do it?

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