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AMIS Query – Oracle BPEL Process Manager Dissected (Thursday 27th January)

BPEL is emerging as the standard for assembling a set of discrete services into an end-to-end process flow, radically reducing the cost and complexity of process integration initiatives. The Oracle BPEL Process Manager offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use infrastructure for creating, deploying and managing BPEL business. Oracle BPEL PM has both a design-time and a run-time environment for design, generation and implementation, deployment, execution and management of BPEL based workflows or business processes. The run-time component or BPEL engine is integrated with Oracle 10g Application Server (runs in OC4J). The design-time is currently available as plugin for Eclipse and will be released shortly (Spring 2005?) as plugin for Oracle 10g JDeveloper.

Very interesting is the option offered by Oracle BPEL Process Manager to integrate into BPEL processes existing internal applications – implemented with for example Java or PL/SQL technology – without the full overhead of a formal WebService implementation. This allows us to also implement internal workflows in a standardized manner across different technology stacks with very efficient calls into existing Java and/or PL/SQL Modules. New instances of the predefined Business Processes are started, managed and monitored through the BPEL Process Manager runtime engine. There are various APIs to get hold of statistics on the process execution.

In this session, Sandor Nieuwenhuijs (Senior Principal Product Manager with Oracle) will demonstrate and comment on the latest developments around Oracle BPEL. Sandor will explain how Oracle BPEL fits in Oracle’s over-all product portfolio and how it relates to for example ProcessConnect and Workflow. He will address more specifically the efficient integration of PL/SQL and Java components in workflows. We also spend some time on the APIs in the run-time environment of Oracle BPEL Process Manager and the best ways to manage it. This session offers plenty of room for discussion and for getting hands-on experience with – for the first time in The Netherlands – the Oracle BPEL design-time plugin for Oracle 10g JDeveloper.

For more details on Oracle BPEL, see the homepage on OTN: Oracle BPEL Process Manager on OTN.


15.30 Welcome
15.35 Overview of Oracle BPEL Process Manager and demonstrations, discussion etc.
18.00 Dinner
19.00 Workshop with the Oracle BPEL plugin for JDeveloper
20.30 or later…. The End

Target Audience

Senior Developers, Technical Architects and Technical Managers. The session assumes a background with WebServices, XML, Java and possibly PL/SQL.

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Resources on Oracle BPEL Process Manager

For our previous posts on Oracle BPEL Process Manager, see JDeveloper BPEL plugin and BPEL is great – and so is Oracle BPEL. A very interesting post on invoking Java code directly (not through the full monty of WebServices wrappers) is found on OraBlogs: BPEL – More than Web Services by Antony Reynolds; it discusses WSIF and also embedding Java code directly in the BPEL document (comparable with Java scriptlets in JSP files). An even better post is this one Using Java from BPEL with WSIF also by Antony Reynolds