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Advanced Oracle SQL seminars in Melbourne (13 November) and Singapore (20 November)

SQL is fun. As well as the most powerful tool in the hands of Oracle Database developers. When you are a database developer, you know SQL. And that knowledge is challenged in this seminar. Prepare to be surprised about SQL has to offer, beyond the functionality you are already intimately familiar with. And let me buy you dinner if the seminar did not hold any surprises for you.

This seminar introduces a series of real world challenges and demonstrates how SQL and sometimes its more recent and more advanced extensions can be leveraged to address those challenges.

SQL functions that we will explore include Pivot and Unpivot (10g and 11g), Analytical Functions, Aggregation, Collections, Intervals, Flashback, Single Statement ETL, SQL/XML, Inline Views, Outer Joins, Hierarchical (& Network) Queries, Fine Grained Auditing, Cursor Expressions and the Model Clause. Note however that the functional challenges determine the pace and we visit only SQL functions we can really use.

The seminar has a large number of demonstrations (for which all scripts will be made available). 


  • Analytics in action
  • Single Statement ETL
  • Aggregation and Partitioning
  • Querying Hierarchies and Networks
  • Smart Joining
  • Time is on our side – freeze & revert time, interval & time zone calculations
  • SQL & PL/SQL interaction through Objects, Collections, Table Functions and Cursors
  • The other procedural SQL – in line views and scalar subqueries


  • Grow confident in choosing the right weapon from the database development armory
  • Be challenged on your creativity with SQL
  • Learn how to use SQL functionality to solve your problems in a performing way.
  • And, most of all perhaps, have fun exploring SQL.



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