ADF Masterclass Seminar - 25th March, Norway - Flying with ADF javacode 9085791

ADF Masterclass Seminar – 25th March, Norway – Flying with ADF


On Wednesday 25th March, I will present an ADF Masterclass seminar for Oracle University in the vicinity of Oslo (Norway). This masterclass will discuss many valuable lessons we have learned on our ADF projects over the years. Some of the special topics include


  1. Web 2.0 & AJAX  – all the ways an ADF application can achieve background client/server communication and partial page refresh
  2. how to implement typical SaaS features in ADF applications – customization & personalization including custom prompts, user extended fields, user preferences
  3. Advanced Data Search & Manipulation functionality
  4. Navigation Short Cuts: bookmarks, recent navigation history, direct record links, actionable emails
  5. Optimal Database integration through ADF Business Components – leveraging SQL and PL/SQL optimally from ADF 


Of course the masterclass includes many demonstrations, for which the source code will be made available.


For more information – and to register – go to: Oracle Education – ADF Masterclass. Building applications with Oracle ADF can be challenging at times. ADF in itself is a fairly new technology stack that allows for very rich, potentially complex web applications. Design patterns, best practices and a sound gut feel are still being developed. Many wheels are invented around the world in the development teams that set out with ADF.


This seminar will take a number of fairly common or at least recognizable challenges from several real ADF projects and discuss the design and implementation of solutions. Attendants will get the source code for these demos.


Among the challenges discussed are: List of Values with Tree Structure, Editable Matrix, Attractive (non BLAF) look & feel, Data import through Excel Upload, Customizable Data Converters, Custom JSF Components, Creative Bind Parameter usage in View Objects, Recent Navigation History feature, Record-level Data Authorization with and without VPD, Save/Reuse Queries, Integration of Flashback Query, Record basket for Bulk Operations, Build SaaS applications with ADF (Customizable and Personalizable Resource Bundles, Expression based Cell Highlighting, Implementing a WebService Result Cache, User Preferences, dynamic definition of Flex Fields), Match Score (relevance) based Queries, JSF Page Bookmarker and integration of Chat (IM) facilities in the ADF application.