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A truckload of new books

This week we had many new books arriving. Three boxes came in with over 30 books. Among them are:

Oracle Data Technology

Oracle SQL*Plus: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition; By Jonathan Gennick Second Edition November 2004 ISBN: 0-596-00746-9

Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook by Darlene Armstrong-Smith, Michael Armstrong-Smith , ; McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 1 edition (March, 2006); ISBN: 0072262141

Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals (Expert’s Voice in Oracle) , Jonathan Lewis; Apress (November 2005) ISBN: 1590596366

Oracle Database 10g OCP Certification All-In-One Exam Guide (Oracle Database 10g Handbook) ; McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 1 edition (September 2005) ; ISBN: 0072257903

Java Development

Java(TM) Puzzlers : Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases – Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter – Addison-Wesley Professional -032133678X

POJO’s in Action : Developing Enterprise Applications with Lightweight Frameworks – Chris Richardson – Manning Publications – 1932394583

Java 2 v5.0 (Tiger) New Features (Paperback) by Herbert Schildt; McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 1 edition (July 2004) ISBN: 0072258543

Head First Servlets and JSP Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam By Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates First Edition August 2004 ISBN: 0-596-00540-7

Tapestry in Action, Howard M. Lewis Ship, Manning and Co Publications ,2004 ; ISBN: 1932394117

Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins (Eclipse Series) (Paperback) by Eric Clayberg, Dan Rubel ; Addison-Wesley Professional (June 2004);
ISBN: 0321228472
AspectJ in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming – Ramnivas Laddad – 1930110936

Agile Java(TM) : Crafting Code with Test-Driven Development (Robert C. Martin Series) ; Prentice Hall PTR (February 2005); ISBN: 0131482394

Hibernate in Action (In Action series) (Paperback) by Christian Bauer, Gavin King; Manning Publications; 1 edition (August 2004); ISBN: 193239415X

Web Development

Programming Ruby, Second Edition The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide, Second Edition By Dave Thomas (With Chad Fowler, Andy Hunt); Pragmatic Bookshelf; October 2004 ISBN: 0-9745140-5-5

Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL: From Novice to Professional (Paperback) by W. J. Gilmore Apress; 1 edition (June 2004) ;ISBN: 1893115518

Agile Web Development with Rails A Pragmatic Guide By Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson (With Leon Breedt, Mike Clark, Thomas Fuchs, Andreas Schwarz) ; Pragmatic Bookshelf; July 2005 ; ISBN: 0-9766940-0-X

Methodology and Software Engineering

Agile Database Techniques – Scott W. Ambler – John Wiley & Sons Inc – 0471202835

Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design – Scott Ambler, Pramodkumar Sadalage – Addison Wesley – 0321293533

Pragmatic Project Automation: How to Build, Deploy, and Monitor Java Apps – Mike Clark – The Pragmatic Programmers – 0974514039

Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java with JUnit – Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas – The Pragmatic Programmers – 0974514012

The Object Primer (3rd edition) Agile Model-Driven Development with UML 2.0; Scott W. Ambler; Cambridge; 2005; ISBN 0521540186

Agile Project Management : Creating Innovative Products (Agile Software Development Series) (Paperback) by Jim Highsmith; Addison-Wesley Professional (April 2004) ; ISBN: 0321219775

Writing Effective Use Cases, Alstair Cockburn ISBN: 0-201-70225-8

MDA Explained, Anneke Kleppe, Jos Warmer, Wim Bast; Addison Wesley; 2003; ISBN 032119442X

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