Castle in the clouds – Building the Connexys SaaS application with Fusion Middleware

Lucas Jellema

SaaS applications serve users in many organizations from a single application instance running in a cloud. Common SaaS requirements include: customization including hiding and adding fields, managing boilerplate text & influencing the look & feel and a Service API for retrieving and manipulating data as well as allowing registration of listeners – applications outside the cloud that are notified by the SaaS application of events. Deep link navigation into the SaaS application allows visual integration with local applications.

Connexys provides a SaaS application (150+ customers) to support human resource and recruitment processes. The Connexys NextGen application is developed on Fusion Middleware using ADF. The application has an impressive number of specific SaaS enhancements (some inspired by that make it a compelling & competitive SaaS offering.

Below you will find the slides from the OBUG 2010 presentation that Arne van der Ing and I submitted and prepared for yesterday’s conference.

Come to our Forms2Future event (or “Oracle Classic and what next” event) on April 13th to here more about Connexys and other stories about moving to the future from current Oracle classical environments. See  for more information.

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