To quickly transfer scanned documents and pictures from the iPhone to PC and USB stick

Lucas Jellema

My challenge: how to scan a bunch of paper documents and store the electronic image files on my NAS.


At my disposal: an iPhone, wireless network and a Windows laptop. I also have a Facebook account that is configured on the iPhone.

The steps I went through:

1. Scan documents by taking pictures with iPhone


2. Open the Camera Roll. If you want to share with an Apple Device (iPad, Mac) you can use the Photo Stream option that allows access to pictures directly on iCloud)

To share with with other devices, email and Facebook are options – as is of course connecting the iPhone to a USB port. For the first two options:

Select images on iPhone (in Edit Mode in Camera Roll) – Click on Share


and Share with Facebook


(this requires the Facebook account to have been configured on the iPhone)



Note: when there are five or fewer than you can also email them from the Share option)


3. Open your Facebook account


Note: to prepare for this step, I first installed Firefox Addon Facedown by Achim Wehmann – see )

Click on Albums.


Right Click on the Album with the desired pictures (quite possibly called iOS Photos). The context menu should contain the option Download Facebook Album.


Click this item and select the target folder into which the image files will be downloaded.


Download takes place, very rapidly:


4. Copy the files to the NAS mapped network drive

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