Announcing the Lecture Schedule for the AMIS UX Event on March 18th

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On March 18, 2014, you will have the rare opportunity to fast forward to the future of user interface design and software usability. Jeremy Ashley, Vice President Application User Experience at Oracle USA, and a team of a dozen user experience (UX) specialists from both Oracle and other companies. There will be 25 lectures on User Experience. A great opportunity and a must visit event for every professional involved in User Experience development.

Lecture Schedule


Room 1(Practical track)Room 2(Visions Track)Room 3(Inspirational Track)
12:00UX directions with HTML 5
(Mark Vilrokx/Noel Portugal)
12:30Wearables in Work: Little Data Means Big Business
(Ultan Ó Broin)
Extensibility in the cloud– power to the business user
(Tim Dubois/Lucas Jellema)
Designing for Mobility & Simplicity
(Aylin Uysal)
13:00Leveraging FMW for UX
(Lonneke Dikmans)
13:30Boosting Business Productivity Through Tailoring
(Sten Vesterli/Killian Evers)
Blueprints for Mobile Design: Wireframing 101
(Ultan Ó Broin)
14:00UX Today with Fusion Apps
(Hakan Biroglu)
One picture worth a thousand words – From data to information and action
(Lucas Jellema)
15:00Oracle’s Strategy for Cloud User Experiences
(Jeremy Ashley/Lucas Jellema)
Consumer Experience Lessons
(Hans Kemp)
15:30Enterprise UX Design and Deployment Simplified: Introducing Oracle’s UX Direct Program.
(Lonneke Dikmans/Ultan Ó Broin)
UX Extreme makeover
(Workshop 45 min) (Bright Alley)
16:00UX today with ADF
(Sten Vesterli)
Embedding UX in any project
(Marcel Maas)
16:30Tesla User Experience
(Peter Ebell)
17:00Oracle and Mobile: From Design to Device; The tools that make it happen
(Luc Bors)
Introduction to Tablet Design with ADF (intro to the Simplified UI Guide)
(Ultan Ó Broin)
17:30UX today with ADF
(Sten Vesterli)
UX Extreme makeover
(Workshop 45 min) (Bright Alley)
18:00Oracle’s Strategy for Cloud User Experiences
( Jeremy Ashley & Lucas Jellema)
18:30don’t generate your user interface, design IT!
(Lonneke Dikmans)
Interaction and UX design concepts
(Hans Kemp)
19:00Leveraging FMW for UX
(Lonneke Dikmans)
Implementing Extensibility –handing run-time power to the business user at design
(Killian Evers/Tim Dubois)
Alternative channels – interacting through channels beyond browser on desktop
(Mark Vilrokx)
19:30Oracle and Mobile: From Design to Device; The tools that make it happen
(Luc Bors)
Reconsidering applications: 10:90:90
( Jeremy Ashley /Sten Vesterli)
Designing for Mobility & Simplicity
(Aylin Uysal)
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