Oracle JET Web Applications – Automating Build, Package and Deploy (to Application Container Cloud) using a Docker Container

Lucas Jellema

The essential message of this article is the automation for Oracle JET application of the flow from source code commit to a running application on Oracle Application Container Cloud, as shown in this picture: I will describe the inside of the “black box” (actually light blue in this picture) where […]

Implementing Authentication for REST API calls from JET Applications embedded in ADF or WebCenter Portal using JSON Web Token (JWT)

Lucas Jellema 1

The situation discussed in this article is as follows: a rich client web application (JavaScript based, could be created with Oracle JET or based on Angular/Vue/React/Ember/…) is embedded in an ADF or WebCenter Portal application. Users are authenticated in that application through a regular login procedure that leverages the OPSS […]

Recording, slides and code resources for Oracle Code session: Real Time UI with Apache Kafka Streaming Analytics of Fast Data and Server Push

Lucas Jellema

On YouTube, you will find the 44 min recording of my talk on Oracle Code San Francisco (October 2017): The slides are on SlideShare: Real Time UI with Apache Kafka Streaming Analytics of Fast Data and Server Push (OracleCode San Francisco 2017) from Lucas Jellema All code sources are […]

Node.js application using SSE (Server Sent Events) to push updates (read from Kafka Topic) to simple HTML client application

Lucas Jellema 2

This article describes a simple Node.js application that uses Server Sent Events (SSE) technology to push updates to a simple HTML client, served through the Express framework. The updates originate from messages consumed from a Kafka Topic. Although the approach outlined in this article stands on its own, and does […]

ADF Faces Client Side Event Bus – Use ServerListener to engage Server from Consuming Fragment for programmatic Partial Refresh

Lucas Jellema

In a recent article (Client Side Event Bus in Rich ADF Web Applications – for easier, faster decoupled interaction across regions), I proposed an approach for a client side event bus in ADF Faces Web Applications – as light weight, straightforward, simple alternative to contextual events. The article demonstrated how […]