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ADF Super Sunday at Oracle Open World 2011 – The ADF Methodology Group's Year of the Developer show

Oracle Open World 2011 is around the corner. With close to 2000 presentations on this topic and that. And then some. ADF was prominent participant in a large number of sessions during last year’s OOW conference – and the same will happen this year, with a vengeance I suspect. So you can wander around the various OOW conference facilities and chances are that you will find ADF related sessions just about everywhere at every time of the conference.

(Given the fact that Fusion Applications as well as many other components in Oracle Applications, Enterprise Manager, the Oracle IdM Suite, WebCenter Spaces, Oracle BI Enterprise Edition and just about every other UI produced at Oracle in recent times is created using ADF – there is no escape).

However: for a concise, condensed, inspiring whirlwind overview from some of the top ADF consultants around the world – there is no better place to be and event to attend than the Super Sunday session put together by the ADF EMG leads (Chris Muir and Simon Haslam).

The ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (ADF EMG) has put together a whole day of sessions on the user group Sunday October 2nd – located in Moscone West – 2000! Note: This ADF Show has been organized in collaboration with APOUC – the Oracle user group for Asia and Pacific.

Speakers at this top event – starts 9 AM- are Sten Vesterli, Steven Davelaar, Andrejus Baranovskis, Frank Nimphius, Maiko Rocha, Wilfred van der Deijl and Lucas Jellema- a fun bunch! In addition: the audience participation is likely to contribute tremendously to this event as dozens of ADF practitioners will share their experiences, grill the speakers or at least challenge them to boldy go where they may not dare to go. In short: a great community to participate with and be part of. If you are at OOW anyway and you are interested (or more) in ADF: you really should come to Moscone-West Room 2000 – from 9 AM to 4.30PM.

The topics under scrutiny include: Enterprise ADF Projects, ADF Task Flows, Migrating from and with Forms to ADF, Ensuring Java Code quality in ADF applications, Creating applications for women (or: enabling multi-tasking in ADF applications) and an overview of small, easy to miss and big yet still overlooked gems in ADF and JDeveloper.

The presentation line up:

– 09:00 – Sten – Session 32460 – Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: Starting an Enterprise Oracle ADF Project

– 10:15 – Frank & Maiko – Session 32480 – Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: Learn Oracle ADF Task Flows in Only 60 Minutes

– 11:30 – Andrejus – Session 32481 – Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: A+-Quality Oracle ADF Code

– 12:45 – Wilfred – Session 32500 – Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: Transitioning from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF

– 14:00 – Steven – Session 32501 – Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodoloy Group: Empower Multitasking with an Oracle ADF UI Powerhouse

– 15:15 – Lucas – Session 32502 – Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: Gold Nuggets in Oracle ADF Faces