ADF Performance Monitor – Major New Version 7.0 ClickActions Hour3

ADF Performance Monitor – Major New Version 7.0

We are very happy to announce that a major new version 7.0 of the ADF Performance Monitor will be available from May 2018. There are many improvements and major new features. This blog describes one of the new features; on usage statistics and performance metrics of end-user click actions.

A click action is the start trigger event of an HTTP request by the browser, by an action that a user takes within the UI. These are most often physical clicks of end-users on UI elements such as buttons, links, icons, charts, and tabs. But it can also be scrolling and selection events on tables, rendering of charts, polling events, auto-submits of input fields and much more. With monitoring by click action you get insight in the click actions that have the worst performance, that cause most errors, that are used most frequently, e.g. You can see in which layer (database, webservice, application server, network, browser) the total execution time has been spent. You can SLA monitor the business functions that are behind the click actions – from the perspective of the end-user.

To get a glance in which layer processing time of click actions have been spent – the monitor already shows the status-meter gauge: database (yellow), webservice (pink), application server (blue), network (purple), and browser load time (grey). It can also show the exact processing time spent in these layers: 

ADF Performance Monitor – Major New Version 7.0 ClickActions Hour Time Spent In Layers

Read more on – our new website on the ADF Performance Monitor.