ADF FIFA 2014 World Cup Challenge Fifa world cup ADF Challange 2014

ADF FIFA 2014 World Cup Challenge

On May 22nd AMIS and Oracle Netherlands launched an exclusive Enterprise to Mobility Challenge around the FIFA World Cup. Only attendees of the Enterprise to Mobility Conference or the JDeveloper / ADF community event can enter this exclusive Challenge.

Fifa world cup ADF Challange 2014

Participants are challenged to combine Cool UX designs and data visualizations and perhaps interactions with social networks, all in the context of Enterprise Mobility and the FIFA World Cup. The emphasis of this Challenge is on sharing and learning and we are looking forward to seeing the skills and technologies used to build an application. The challenge started on Thursday May 22nd and applications must be submitted no later than June 5th 23:59 Amsterdam time. Winners will be informed on June 12th, the day of the FIFA 2014 World Cup kickoff.

Those who take on the challenge and spend their valuable time building a really cool and funky application can expect tons of respect and recognition. Besides that all submitted solutions will be judged and the winner of the Challenge will win an Oculus Rift 2!


We preferably like to see a glance/scan/commit UI as defined in the The Simplified User Experience Design Patterns for the Oracle Applications Cloud Service eBook. glancescancommit All of this combined with lots of visualizations. Think of a map component showing the participating countries per group in different colors. Include drill-down functionality on this map to see more details such as matches played. Also important information such as groups, matches and standings per group need to be visualized. You can think of using timeline components, Calendar components and other advanced ADF Components to work with.


Attendees are challenged to use their imagination and creativity to create an appealing ADF FIFA World Cup application that is easy to use and has a great user experience.

NOTE: If you attended the Enterprise Mobility Event or the JDeveloper ADF Community and you did not yet enter the challenge, please feel free to sign up at “ADFChallenge at amis dot nl”. Also for those who already decided to enter but did not yet sign up, please sign up so you get the latest news and updates regarding the challenge.