ODC Appreciation Day : Timeline component in Oracle JET, Data Visualization Cloud, APEX and ADF DVT: #ThanksODC

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Here is my entry for the Oracle Developer Community ODC Appreciation Day (#ThanksODC).

It is quite hard to make a choice for a feature to write about. So many to talk about. And almost every day another favorite of the month. Sliding time windows. The Oracle Developer Community – well, that is us. All developers working with Oracle technology, sharing experiences and ideas, helping each other with inspiration and solutions to challenges, making each other and ourselves better. Sharing fun and frustration, creativity and best practices, desires and results. Powered by OTN now kown as ODC. Where we can download virtually any software Oracle has to offer. And find resources – from articles and forum answers to documentation and sample code. This article is part of the community effort to show appreciation – to the community and to the Orace Developer Community (organization).

For fun, you could take a look at how the OTN site started – sometime in 2000 – using the WayBack machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20000511100612/http://otn.oracle.com:80/ 


And the WayBack machine is just one of many examples of timelines – presentation of data organized by date.image We all know how pictures say more than many words. And how tables of data are frequently to much less accessible to users than to the point visualizations. For some reason, data associated with moments in time have always had special interest for me. As do features that are about time – such as Flashback Query, 12c Temporal Database and SYSDATE (or better yet: SYSTIMESTAMP).

To present such time-based data in way that reveals the timeline and historical threat that resides in the data, we can make use of the Timeline component that is available in:

In JET:image


This image is described in the surrounding text

In Data Visualization Cloud:

Note that in all cases it does not take much more than a dataset with date (or date time) attribute and one or more attributes to create a label and perhaps to categorize. A simple select ename, job, hiredate from emp suffices.

7 thoughts on “ODC Appreciation Day : Timeline component in Oracle JET, Data Visualization Cloud, APEX and ADF DVT: #ThanksODC

  1. Hi im new to apex 5.1 long time oracle user and hope to use sunburst, timeline and tag cloud. Sadly I can’t workout how to do it. Apex only shows options for simple charts, bar,line etc. How do you select and add a timeline to a region??

    1. Hi Barry,
      I am afraid I am not active myself with APEX. I am not able to answer your question.
      kind regards,Lucas

      1. Thanks Lucas back to the fruitless googling, don’t understand why these great looking visualizations are pushed as being available with Apex but there’s no standard option to use them.

  2. Hello Mr. Lucas Jellema,
    I read a blog for you about Linking the Stacked Bar Chart to an ADF Data Table , it was several years a go,
    I’m asking if you have another blog on getting the Selected Slice Row Attribute of Pie Chart, I can’t find any resources about this issue at all ,and i got many errors when implementing that,

    Thank you

    1. Dear Hammam,

      I’m sorry but I cannot help you with your query. I do not have an example lying around and I am currently less focused on ADF so I do not have the opportunity to create a prototype for you.

      Best of luck,

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