Oracle SOA Suite 11g & WebLogic 11g: automatic start after reboot startstops

Oracle SOA Suite 11g & WebLogic 11g: automatic start after reboot

In an previous post I discussed the stop start automated mechanism already, but now I developed a procedure how to automatically startup a complete Oracle SOA Suite 11g after a reboot.


The following components which are involved are:


–       Database Instance

–       TNS Listener

–       Nodemanager

–       AdminServer

–       SOA Suite Managed server including soa-infra application


The following scripts are used:

– dbora : init service file to stop start the database and listenere during startup

– soa_rc: init service file to start  WebLogic and the SOA Suite during startup


The image shows you the flow of the various scripts that are called by soa_rc

Oracle SOA Suite 11g & WebLogic 11g: automatic start after reboot startstops1


For the database, create  as root a file dbora with the following contents ( see attachment )

Use for ORA_HOME the database ORACLE_HOME (in the script, modify it to your own)

Make the file executable for others and place it in /etc/init.d

chmod +x dbora

Then add it to the Linux service level

chkconfig --add dbora

Linux has 7 different run levels (or operating modes):

  • rc0.d – System Halted
  • rc1.d – Single User Mode
  • rc2.d – Single User Mode with Networking
  • rc3.d – Multi-User Mode – boot up in text mode
  • rc4.d – Not yet Defined
  • rc5.d – Multi-User Mode – boot up in X Windows
  • rc6.d – Shutdown & Reboot
Level 3 4 and 5 should be sufficient for the script. Specify this in you dbora and soa_rc script. The header of the files shoud have this information in the header
Example soa_rc:

# Start and stop script for an entire Oracle FMW 11g environment
# Tobe added to the rebootsequence
# chkconfig: 345 99 30
# description: Script to start Oracle FMW
# This script starts WebLogic and SOA Suite 11g
# processname: soa_rc
# Created by M. Schildmeijer

Also add the soa_rc to the startup service:
chkconfig --add soa_rc
You can test the scripts as the root user without rebooting with:
service soa_rc stopall
service dbora stop


This should stop the SOA Suite and Database including listener.
Now reboot the machine; after reboot the database should be up and WebLogic/SOA Suite 11g should be starting automatically. Starting a SOA Suite can, depending how many composites ,adapters and so on must be started can take upto 10 minutes, so be patient!

You can download the scripts here. Do not forget to modify for you own environment like passwords, WLS Admin Port, etc

Also beware of setting some variables in your O/S profile like MW_HOME, WL_HOME etc…


The dbora script was obtained from Tim Hall, as Marco already mentioned

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