"You have to give a little... scripting for 12c+" Scrooge

“You have to give a little… scripting for 12c+”


Publishing a cleanup script for Oracle 12c+

At the moment I’m just for fun collecting Linux scripts from my direct colleagues. And while I was busy to think up a wiki page for internal use, for a moment I felt like Uncle Scrooge, gathering riches from other minds. Which, honestly, did not feel very pleasant. But then I remembered that I was actually giving them back, all the little scripts and snippets I will collect, hopefully enriched with comments, corrections and other improvements. But one script in particular I always wanted to give back to where I lent it from, the Incredible Depth and Bounty of the WorldWideWeb. The script I’m talking about is quite known in Oracle Land. It is called cleanhouse.sh and it is one of the best known cleaning scripts for Oracle database environments. It was used widely – I guess – up to Oracle 11g. Then Oracle choose to change some default path’s and locations of deeply ingrained parameters as the background dump dest…. and cleanhouse.sh became partly useless or ineffective.

Looking for a new cleanhouse script for 12c+

So, in 2019 I searched the internet again, but lo and behold, no 12c-version of this cleaning script in sight … No-one seems to have invested some time in adapting this script after years of using Oracle 12c? So I did my own adaptations for 12c-environs (incl. RAC) and other colleagues corrected my little scripting errors and now I think its time to give it back to the world. May it inspire others to do the same.

I know, this seems to be too little too late since Oracle 19c is already in full swing. I hope you can appreciate that I’m doing it anyhow and rather late than never. Until shortly, I would never even have considered doing it altogether. I thought that my contribution would be only inferior or just stating the obvious. In the meantime I learned that some people actually like my “Sort of Summary plus X”-approach. And I learn by scripting this way or writing blogs as well.

And here it is, my humble, little payback to the Oracle community: cleanhouse12c.zip.

I hope that someone still finds it useful and eventually drops me a line how (s)he adapted it. And any ideas for further improvement are never lost with me… So, thank you in advance and thank you from the bottom of my hart, to all the awe inspiring people like Shad Rich, Arup Nanda, Jonathan Lewis or the Carlos Sierra‘s of the world, for their wonderful, creative, rich, concise and freely given scripts I’m just trying to emulate! I envy you for that …

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