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It looks like that the upcoming Oracle 11 release will be certified on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.

As a Novell / SUSE communique (Novell news – 3 oct) says it…

It looks like that the upcoming Oracle 11 release will be certified on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10.

As a Novell / SUSE communique (Novell news – 3 oct)  says it…

Novell and Oracle team-up to offer you win-win Linux solutions

Together, Novell and Oracle offer leading Linux solutions that optimize the enterprise data center. We have integrated our respective technologies-running Oracle RAC and 11i on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 – for maximum performance. Customers worldwide are choosing these solutions for their proven scalability, complete reliability and total security-all delivered on low-cost Linux servers. Visit Novell at Open Oracle World, booth #3602 and see how the new SUSE Linux Enterprise optimizes Oracle applications, or go to

Regarding Linux versions you never know (eg. UnitedLinux, Ubuntu). It’s good to read, that one of my favourites (SUSE), will be supported.

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  1. Currently, Oracle is only supported on Linux versions of RedHat, Suse and Asianux. As long as this is the case, go with your prefered Linux distro (RedHat, Suse or Asianux). I guess that this will be for a long time (whatever what is happening on the Linux market). As long as Linux distro suppliers don’t crash on the Stock Market, there is no reason to change your planning…

  2. Shouldn’t we abandon SUSE?

    After the recent fiasco generated by Novell getting into an agreement with Microsoft and the whole Open Source Community planning to fight Novell both in and outside the court, will it be sensible to shift over to another Linux distribution? There are other distributions that are as good or better that SUSE so which will be best one to migrate to?

  3. On behalf of Chan…

    Hi Marco,

    may be it a bit puzzled. I’m trying to note that the implementation of
    Oracle Products(db, ias and etc) on Linux will getting more popular and easier.
    More users will demand Oracle to run On Linux rather on the proprietary Unix.

    Suse Linux at ASIA is not popular, but more peoples are getting to know it here.

  4. Thanks Chan,

    but I’m a little bit puzzled, what are your trying to say?



  5. I’m from Malaysia, we have been implementing Oracle DB 8i-10gR2/IAS 9i-10gR2 on Suse. The installation process is getting easier and less troublesome for recently released Oracle products. I Suse will work closely with Oracle in future. More and more oracle had been implemented on Linux rather on proprietary Unix.

  6. @Dimitri It should give it a swing, but historically spoken, Suse has its foundation in Europe (Germany), RedHat is most supported in the US. Maybe it will change, maybe it won’t. The competative edge between the two is at least good for the Oracle (prof.) community / linux community.

  7. During those discussions, my opinion was that, if Oracle wanted to, they already had the means to do so (without bying Suse).

    If you look at the functionality and/or the product line Oracle build up over the years (for instance content server, ASM) then there no real need (yet). IMHO the way to go will be probably SOA. If one would look at the core database (in this SOA perspective) then maybe the future will be that the "database" will disolve into the grid…(like a bittorent swarm of data). I thought that would be a too great leap to take, until I somewhere found artikel, with among others Ken Jacobs, where Mr B. Epstein ( described his vision which sounded a little bit like mine (to my utter surprise, by the way…)

    I will try to find the artikel and post the link here.


    Found it here:

    On page 27 a discussion is discribed under the description  "How Databases changed the World" .

    A panel (consisting of, among others, Mr. Epstein, Ken Jacobs, Chris Date) discussion is described where the following can be read…

    Epstein predicted that databases will be used more and more as monitoring systems to process streaming data, where companies will be “passing data through queries instead of passing queries through data.” Sippl said, “There is a new revolution coming, not of the algebra of how to deal with tables  of data, but how to deal with combinations of business processes….There’s going to be a simple, powerful model for doing that…that will have as big an impact as the relational database did. It’s dealing with our processes, not just our data.” Edelstein concluded that there is and will continue to be a "vast increase in the scale of information” being processed, where great “complexities come from the nature of data and the rules associated with data.” We are going to “need a way to deal with these complexities….Someone [will surface who will] abstract these new complexities into a new  paradigm.”

    The mentioned

    pdf contains a lot of info about computer history and it is a good read. 

  8. Well, I just installed Oracle on SuSE 10 (but not the enterprise version) and it works great! (I posted it on my blog today)

    Oracle uses mostly Redhat internally (I was told by an Oracle presales on a Redhat seminar ;-))… Maybe after the JBoss story with RH they’ll put their focus on Novell…

  9. Yes. The more support for Linux the better.

    It seems likely that the next DB version will get certified pretty quickly also, since they seem keen to promote SUSE. There was speculation some time ago about an Oracle Linux distribution. Maybe they’ll buy SUSE. 🙂



  10. Hmmm, good one.

    I think you are right. Anyway, regarding SUSE, I guess this is still good news, Oracle’s app. flagship Oracle 11i Business Suite will be supported on SUSE’s latest server edition.

  11. Are you sure this doesn’t mean the existing Oracle 11i Business Suite and existing RAC offerings. I would be surprised if Oracle use 11i as the database name. More likely 11g…



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