Oracle Database 10gR2 for Windows Download

Lucas Jellema 3

Just noticed the Windows download of the Oracle 10g Release 2 database (lagging the Linux release by almost a month!). And: it is still a developer preview, not even the real (production) thing.

Oracle Database 10g Downloads

3 thoughts on “Oracle Database 10gR2 for Windows Download

  1. All software available for download from OTN is the exact same as the products you would buy from a store. There is no limited functionality or trial period or required key or whatever. You use this software for trial purposes. If you acquire the licenses, you can use the exact same software for production purposes.

  2. Could anyone kindly elaborate the differences / limitations between this download
    version from OTN and the real thing that is available say from a store? (other than
    the cost!)


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