Back to the future (Oracle 4.1 VM appliance)

We had some nice KC-DBA (expertise meetings) meetings in 2005. One of them was about virtual machines (VMware basically). To show how you could use virtual machine technology to implement an environment which would be almost undoable nowadays to realize, a virtual machine environment was demonstrated with Oracle 4.1 installed based on DOS. Thanks to Carel Jan Engel (one the infamous oaktable guys) –  i was able to build a default Oracle 4.1 database environment with all the goodies like the UFI (the user friendly interface).

The old DOS disks where recovered from some boxes on my attic, so with some extra effort, the installation wasn’t so difficult (i still remembered how to do the ansi.sys, autoexec.bat and config.sys upper and lower memory stuff ) All in all it was good fun.  πŸ™‚


Back to the future (Oracle 4.1 VM appliance) OracleCreationoftheDemoDatabase00 01


Strange enough you need(ed) the first oracle floppy in the floppy disk to start the database. I can not remember this from my Oracle 6 days.

Is there anyone who still has the Oracle 4.1 documentation? If so please send it so i could add it to this post for sharing purposes. If you want me to test some stuff on the Oracle 4.1 environment then please send me your SQL statements.



AD Comment 2:

I could have waited on this πŸ˜‰

I don’t have the doc’s but some collegaes helped me on my way last year – plus i have some oracle 6 experience, which helps. Here a VMware recording to help you on your path regarding start, stop, etc. Download the following AVI (Oracle – Login via UFI.avi). You will need a codec from VMware to see it – that is if you haven’t installed VMware workstation (The VMware workstation software package contains a build-in movie recorder and will install the VMware codec during its installation process. You can download de VMware codec here: VMware movie decoder)

AD Comment 4:

Toon send me some pictures. So now we know what we are looking for  πŸ˜‰

The books:

Oracle 4.1 Documentation (3 volumes) 

 The contents:

Oracle 4.1 contents plus floppies 

AD Comment 12:

I don’t have Oracle 6 and Forms 3 on a VMware machine yet, but a sub-select on Oracle 4 looks like this πŸ˜‰

sub-select on Oracle 4.1

AD comment 14:

The software does not understand the create database link statement, but maybe thats not the correct statement. I also installed the "help" function, or enabled the help function by filling the "help" table…but there is no reference (as far as i could find) to "database link".

A small part of the help.ufi SQL-script

In Oracle 4.1 there isn’t a "system.users" table yet.

The table was called sysuserauth,  quering this you get the following output:

"system.users" table

describing the table:

describing the sysuserauth table

The connectauth, dbaauth, resourceauth columns reference, if the user was granted the connect, resource or dba role (small guess).



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