AMIS Query 18 May – Hotsos 2009 Revisited

Marco Gralike

The 8th of March 2009…The Oracle Performance Symposium in Irving, Texas, also known as the Hotsos Symposium was about to start… Four Dutch guys had the luck to attend this year: Jeroen Evers (Fameus), Toon Koppelaars (RuleGen), Gerwin Hendriksen (AMIS) en Marco Gralike (AMIS).

We wanted to share some of our Hotsos experiences, thoughts about, or revive some of the presentations we have seen this year. That’s how the idea for this AMIS Query started; Let’s share some of the lessons learned; Pass on some of the knowledge. We hope we can do justice regarding the topics we have seen and enjoyed during Hotsos.

Have a look at the agenda (Dutch) and attend this free (one time only) mini-revival of Hotsos 2009: Een Terugblik op Hotsos 2009

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