Oracle Database – more value for money and more value for free

Oracle is not known for low prices or free products. However, when it comes to the Oracle Database there are some developments that might be of interest to you. Either when your organization has existing Oracle Database licenses – or when you do not. In short: three powerful and until recently expensive database options are now available to anyone with an SE2 or EE license. And anyone who does not have a license but would like to use the Oracle Database without paying any money, can do so. Not just to play with, but to put into production.

The facts:

  1. The options Spatial, Graph and Advanced Analytics are now included for on premises and cloud databases SE2 and EE – the latest (19c, 20c) as well as earlier versions – without the need to purchase additional licenses

    Oracle Database - more value for money and more value for freeOracle Database - more value for money and more value for free map pin 2Oracle Database - more value for money and more value for free graph logo

  2. Oracle Database 18c XE is free for usage on premises and on any cloud – for R&D, development, training and production usage and even embedded in 3rd party applications; this edition is restricted in physical resources (2 CPU threads, 12 GB of user data, 2GB of Database assigned RAM); it contains almost the full range of Oracle Database features – including extra cost options In Memory, Partitioning and Advanced Security as well as Advanced Analytics, Spatial and Graph.  Note: Oracle Database 18c XE can also be run as Docker Container.
  3. Oracle Database 18c is available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – free of charge as part of the always free tier;  you can create 2 database instances, each with 1 OCPU and 20 GB storage. Automated backups and patching are included. No support is offered and no availability guarantees are given.
  4. Some interesting features with Oracle Database that were already and still are available free of charge in all these three offerings:
    • Oracle APEX – low code, data first application development framework – design time and run time contained in the database
    • Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) – provides REST APIs (HTTP interfaces) on top of database schemas
    • Flashback Query and (basic) Flashback Data Archive – history at your fingertips
    • Multi-model: JSON, Relational, Graph/Semantic (RDF), Spatial, XML, csv/xls (external table)
    • tools: SQLDeveloper, SQLcl, Oracle Developer tools for VS COde, 
    • many more obviously
  5. And free with cloud database is Data Safe: Oracle Data Safe lets you assess database security configurations and database users, audit user activity, as well as discover and mask sensitive data in your Oracle Cloud databases. With Oracle Data Safe, you can protect sensitive and regulated data in those databases. For more information, see Using Oracle Data Safe.

In Summary

You can create solutions on top of Oracle Database platform that are completely free (with XE or always free Autonomous Database). If you already have Oracle Database licensed (SE2 or EE, 11g, 12c, 18c, …) you can now get so much more value from the existing license, your existing database and most of all: your existing data.


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