The Full Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne 2018 Conference Session Catalog as JSON data set (for data science purposes)

Lucas Jellema

Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne 2018 are two co-located conferences that took place in October 2018. Some 2000 sessions presented by over 2500 presenters form the core of these conferences. Many details are known about each of the sessions and the speakers – from title, abstract, room (size), date and time, session slides, session type and key topics to first name, last name, Twitter handle, picture, company, job title and bio. image

A data set is available with all this information:–IntroductionDataWrangling-JupyterNotebooks/tree/master/CaseOfOracleOpenWorld2018/datawarehouse (JSON format, 37 MB).

The columns in this data set:

'abstract', 'attributevalues', 'catalog', 'code', 'event', 'eventCode', 'files', 'length', 'participants', 'sponsors', 'times', 'title', 'title_sort', 'type', 'oracle_speaker', 'file_flag', 'JavaOne Rockstar',
'Oracle ACE Director', 'Oracle Java Champion','Groundbreaker Ambassador', 'Intermediate', 'Beginner', 'Advanced', 'All', 'track', 'speaker_count', 'instance_count', 'room_capacity',
'room', 'day', 'time', 'session_timestamp'

This data set has been prepared from the Session Catalog backing API using two Jupyter Notebooks that implement API calls, data merging and some light weight data wrangling. If you are interested in all detailed steps and the raw (unwrangled) data, please look here:

Please let me know if you manage to extract interesting insights from this data.



Some initial explorations have been done on this data. See for example:


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