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PDOK Data Sets in QGIS using QGIS Plugin

PDOK – Publieke Data op Kaart – is a Dutch data service that offers 230+ geo data sets on many different aspects of the public space in The Netherlands. PDOK data sets can be downloaded fairly easily in (Light)GML format. Even more convenient is the ability to browse PDOK datasets straight from the source. Thanks for the PDOK Plugin for QGIS, this can be done,. A very quick introduction.

Run QGIS. Click on Plugins | Manage and Install Pluginsimage

In the plugins window, type pdok in the search field. Three plugins are found (at least for me at the time of writing). Click on the PDOK services plugin.


Details about the plugin are shown. Click on Install Plugin.

After a little while, installation is complete:


Click Close.

A new icon has been added almost in the upper left hand corner. Click on it to bring up a list of PDOK data sets.


In this case I have clicked on data set 10 – Gemeenten (municipalities), Details for the data set are presented:


Click on Standaard to add a new layer to the project based on this data set.


The result is a map with the boundaries for all municipalities in The Netherlands.

I can have a single label displayed with the value of the feature property NAAM:


And I can add an OpenStreetMap tile layer underneath this layer and make the layer itself a little transparent:


And of course I can do many more things. The wealth of data published by PDOK is now available in a very convenient manner in QGIS, ready for analysis in all kinds of ways.

Great work by Richard Duivenvoorde (Zuidt) – who started work on this plugin back in 2012.


Introducing QGIS plugin for PDOK (2012, in Dutch) https://qgis.nl/2012/10/20/eenvoudige-pdok-services-plugin-voor-qgis/

Most recent update of the plugin – december 2023:L https://qgis.nl/2023/12/22/pdokserviceplugin-met-openbasiskaart-en-vectortiles/ 

Home page of PDOK – https://www.pdok.nl/ – Dutch portal for public geo data sets published by central and local government organisations.

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